Revenue Growth Strategy

Translating strategy and company goals into an outbound, marketing, sales and customer success plan

We love the fact that due to the dashboards created and the new data-collection processes, we can accurately predict revenue and output.

Lluis Alsina

CEO & Founder at Pridatect

What is a revenue growth strategy?

A mathematical model that relates the target revenue per channel of a business with the elements it will need to produce to achieve this, such as lists of target companies, leads & sales accepted leads, the number of qualified meetings, demos, opps, deals and upsells. Apart from the quantity of each of these elements, we will simulate some scenarios of the target conversion rate of each step of the process, which will allow us to establish the efficiency of each part of the system.

How do we start?

We first understand your business plan: target market, ideal customer profile, pain points and value proposition, solution/product, pricing, model and current commercial/marketing strategy and results. Then, we work on defining the revenue growth strategy

Revenue targets by channel

According to the strategy of the company and others parameters such as market maturity, level of demand, the value of the average deal, the client base, the product strategy or the expansion strategy (geographical, industrial, etc.) we will be able to calculate the percentage of revenue that each channel (Outbound, Lead Gen, Demand Gen, Customer Success) should provide.

Funnels by channel

Here we must define the macro processes, phases of the funnel by channel and funnel scenarios. In turn, we calculate metrics and KPIs that connect company targets with the elements needed, such as lists of qualified companies, sales accepted leads, meetings, demos, opps and so on. Here we pay particular attention to establish the target values of the efficiency KPIs (conversion rates of the different stages of the funnel).

Based on the funnels, we perform a Capacity Analysis, which will generate the organizational structure, the roles required, the headcount of each role and their targets.

Detailed budgets

Produced for Outbound, Sales, Lead Gen, Demand Gen and Customer Success, the budget will detail all the financial commitments needed. This will include hiring and team, compensation and incentives plans, PPC investment, content, SFDC and any other tech required.


With budget approved we will generate a step-by-step implementation plan, detailing not only what is needed but in what order things should occur. Staff hiring and ramp-up times are also factored in, along with technology required and playbooks creation and implementation time.

And now what?

Once we have the strategy clear, we can start addressing the specific topics wether they are in marketing, sales, outbound or customer success


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