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Sales Development as the building brick for your expansion
Stable Customer Acquisition
For SaaS with ACV > 1.000€
In control of your ideal customer

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We applied this methodology and principles in our own companies.
More than 60 companies have done it with the help of The SaaS Institute.

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What is Sales Dev? Why is it important?

Definition: Sales Development is the function responsible of generating business opportunities. They do so by identifying, connecting with, qualifying and engaging leads.
Goal: to turn a list of potential customers into qualified sales meetings.
Important because it provides control over what enters your sales pipeline. No surprises.
You decide which type of customers and how to go after them. No freeriders.
Useful because it allows you to scale. You can predict the flux of new opportunities, which turns into revenue. Knowing this you can hire and grow accordingly.

“We multiplied the number of qualified meetings by 3”

Alex Rovira
COO @ eEvidence

“We created a sales machine producing 5 meetings per week per SDR”

Ricard Bonastre
CEO @ Lead Ratings

Don’t just take our word for it.

It works for most successful B2B SaaS companies.
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How Sales Development should be

The key principles of our methodology:

Double workforce generates double results.
Sales structured so the company grows with the team. Not collapsing for getting too big.

Actionable + Data driven

Process allowing smart & data-driven decisions.
The ability to 'zoom-in' to know what is precisely not performing. To take action there.


A well structured sales organisation make possible statistical analysis. Providing accurate forecasts, timing and better planning.

Cost effective

Get the most revenue from your workforce.
Effective results from a winning combination of role specialisation, focus and automation.

Why Sales Dev?
Advantages of proactive selling

In control of your future. You decide the companies you're targeting.
Not depending on unpredictable inbound, salespeople network or luck.
Eyes on the market. Your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) quickly get powerful market intelligence. Know what your target customers think in days, not months.
Replicate success. Whether entering new markets or onboarding new team members, with the right process you'll be able to prosper without wasting time.
Complimentary to other channels like Marketing, Referrals, Resellers, Events...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sales Dev right for my company?
Business model: selling to B2B. Average revenue per client more than 1k €/year. Ideal for subscription based (SaaS), but also for high-return models. Stage of your company:
  • Early: not started sales team. Founder is selling.
  • Growth: with a sales team, but not getting enough results.
Do I need Sales Dev?
Problems identified:
  • Know which is your target market but you don't talk with enough of them
  • Don't have time to raise interest in the market but confident on how to display your solution to your target market
  • Team is not performing enough. I'm not sure how to solve it and what is realistic to change
Marketing vs. Prospecting?
Marketing: passive reach. Inbound leads. ACV < 1k€
Prospecting: active reach. Outbound leads. ACV > 5k€
Usually for young B2B companies with higher ACV it's better to start with Prospecting. With a lower number of target customers, outbound is the most efficient way.
They are both complimentary and should align content and targeting.
What are the typical roles?
Marketing creates inbound leads.
Market research finds target companies.
Prospecting (SDR) turns companies' lists into sales opportunities.
Sales (AE) closes the open opportunities.
Team configuration. Who should I hire?
It depends on the deal size, market maturity and stage:
  • For young companies B2B, where the founders are selling themselves. An SDR is the good choice for first hire. Then AE, and then Marketing.
  • For scaling companies with an established Sales team. A tandem SDR+AE works well. With an equivalent Marketing team providing enough inbound leads.
Is my Sales Dev organisation working well?
A great indicator is when you can onboard junior SDRs within 1 month who deliver qualified opportunitites. If you can get virtually anyone to generate meetings, you'll scale.
How much should Sales Dev generate?
A SDR should cover the volume for one Account Executive.
Depending on deal size an SDR should generate between 4 and 20 new meetings per month.
There are several team configurations. We can calculate the appropriate for your company.

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