Generating sales accepted leads and influencing opportunities

Signs your company might need to improve

  • When you talk about the number of visits, clicks or leads and not sales accepted leads.
  • When Sales complain that Marketing leads are not high quality
  • When Sales and Marketing don’t share meetings, objectives or metrics.
  • When opportunities don’t advance down the sales funnel and Marketing doesn’t impact their conversion.
  • When there is no clear system of attributions to measure the influence Marketing on deals.
  • When Sales and Marketing leads are not generated in the same system.

With the SaaS Institute, we finally started to generate qualified leads and use marketing to influence opportunites.

David Casellas

Co-Founder of Pridatect

Our approach

Marketing and Sales should work together in a way that they create a constant, organic flow of interactions with leads via content, on a variety of platforms. Our marketing looks like this:

Lead Generation

Producing new leads for the sales database. The leads that are accepted by sales become sales accepted leads and enter the sales funnel.

Account Based Marketing

Impacting leads already in the sales pipeline via marketing content; reducing the sales cycle and increasing the conversion rates of SAL to meetings and opps.

Our main metrics

The only way to perform well is by tracking the right metrics

The KPIs we measure

Sales Accepted Leads (SAL)

Leads generated from marketing campaigns that meet sales requirements.

Influenced Opps

Sales opportunities where one or more leads have interacted with marketing content.

How do we do it?

To make your company data-drive, actionable, cost-effective and predictable, we use a 4 element framework.

Marketing Strategy and detailed budget

The marketing strategy will depend on the target market and the level of maturity and demand of the market, the state of the pipeline, the sales cycle, the average deal and other variables. Through a detailed analysis of aforementioned elements, we will propose a mix of lead generation and account-based marketing tactics that connect the economic objectives with conversion metrics. This will inform targets to generate the volume of SAL (lead gen) or influenced opps (demand gen).

Once the funnels have been built and the targets established, with relation to the conversion rates, the number of SALs and opps to generate, we will define the marketing plan. The plan will detail the content, campaigns (both segmentation and messaging) and channels. From this, we will be able to calculate a detailed budget.

Content as a key element

Content is the product that marketing generates and sells, in exchange for personal data or the interest of visitors. From the marketing plan, we will produce content aimed at different sectors, buyer personas, and stage in the sales funnel. These variables mean content can be more general, technical or educational. These pieces of content will cover the demands, doubts and questions of leads, in relation to the product and their industry.

  • Research studies
  • Technical ebooks
  • Blog posts
  • Webinars and influencers
  • Case studies

Creating the owned marketing sites

To achieve the marketing strategy, you must have the necessary platforms that allow leads to flow seamlessly through the buyer journey, from awareness to consideration to purchase, to improve conversion sales cycle times. We would help implement and build platforms such as:

Blog – This covers the first level of awareness, focusing on capturing organic traffic or ‘paid for traffic’ to kickstart your promotion.

Corporate sites – This is where you can explain your product, solution and answer questions considered during the evaluation and decision stage, such as ‘Why that type of solution’, ‘Why this product?’ and ‘Why now?’.

Resources – This is the hub that contains all the premium gated content, like market research studies or webinars; this is usually educational and high-quality content.

Landing Pages – This type of asset is where you convert campaigns to leads. Landing pages are designed to convince the user to give their personal information, in exchange for premium content.

Academy Site – This will allow you to educate your professionals in markets that not yet mature via a structured course. Providing all the information in one place positions your company as a thought leader in the market.


Executing the plan: ABM & Lead-Gen

Once the campaigns, content and the platforms that contain them are created, we will execute campaigns with the objective of delivering our messaging to our target persona. For this, it requires more than just PPC with segmented audiences and different platforms, it is also necessary to create custom audiences from the data of  SFDC, with the objective of helping Sales influence opportunities.

  • Lead Generation
  • Discover new leads
  • ABM

Analytics & Reporting

Finally, it is vital to provide measurement and attribution systems that will allow for the maximum level of detail about the impact of marketing activity, on both SAL generation and influenced opps. For this, it is key to capture all the attribution information in the CRM (based on UTM codes). This way we will improve campaigns, terms, segmentation, channels or messaging.

Tech Stack

The tech stack will help improve efficiency and guarantee the integration of Sales and Marketing. Based on the economic objectives, we will be able to implement the correct mix of integrated tools and platforms to ensure that metrics, dashboards and campaign data are readily accessible to all. Although we have our prefered tools, we work with many providers such as Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and Salesforce, in addition to smaller tools like Wistia, Unbounce and so on.

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