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Logistics, Industrial and Productivity

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Alexander Kronenberg
Head of Sales
@ Chemondis
Our main need was to optimize the sales process and pitches, with our sales team in an elementary growth-phase.
Despite working in 12 different languages we achieved fantastic results. The high competence, drive and a partnership-like collaboration from The SaaS Institute made the project a great success.
We started the sales team from scratch. Thanks to The SaaS institute we set-up the system, identified the key difficulties and quickly adapted to the market. We are now getting results: the team is autonomously generating meetings and closing deals.
Débora Alasraki
CEO @ 3D Click

Finance and Legal

Alex Rovira
COO @ eEvidence
"Working on the messaging with TSI we managed to be much more relevant with our prospects. Which resulted in multiplying the number of qualified meetings by 3. The SaaS Institute made the project a great success. "
The SaaS Institute provided us with a sistematic method for the sales team. Now we profile properly our leads and we propose an adapted offer to their needs. All team members follow this method which already increased our conversion rate.
The project phases were well defined and the timing was respected. The best is that at the end of the project the system was implemented
Cristian Noguera
CEO @ Hellotax

Big Data, Systems and Cybersecurity

David Casellas
Founder @ Pridatect
We love the fact that due to the dashboards created and the new data-collection processes, we can accurately predict revenue and output
The SaaS Institute team has provided us with a profound vision and detailed plan from day one. It allowed us to start from scratch but in a professional matter our B2B outbound customer acquisition project at RawData.
Albert Duaigües
‍CEO @ RawData

Learning and Media

Sales and Marketing

Ricard Bonastre
CEO @ Lead Ratings
With TSI we have created a sales machine that generates 5 qualified meetings per week per SDR on a consistent basis.
We managed thanks to TSI, to transition our 20+ member sales team from full-stack sales to specialized functions within the team. Now the account executives can concentrate on closing as they're systematically provided with new opportunities each month.
Fabien Gouttebaron
VP Sales @ The Hotels Network

Travel and Hospitality

Real Estate

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