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The team behind the SaaS Institute

Javier Darriba

Javier is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and deep knowledge of the internationalisation and expansion processes for SaaS companies. He's greatly experienced in User Experience from his time as founder and Co-CEO of UserZoom, a startup getting +100M€ funding from american VCs. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Bloobirds. He's also  an investor, mentor and advisor for several startups like Whisbi, Talent Clue or Signaturit. He Graduated with a degree in Law from University of Barcelona and MBA for ESADE.

Toni Pérez

One of the most experienced SaaS professionals in Spain. Toni has grown companies such as UserZoom and Red Points by leading and scaling department teams in Marketing, Outbound, Product and Customer Success. His ability to understand the business from all different perspectives has helped him make several SaaS companies in Europe successful. He is currently the co-founder and CRO of Bloobirds: the sales empowerment CRM. He's got an MBA from ESADE plus a technical background in computer engineering from UBA.

Andreu Iglesias

Andreu has plenty of international experience working in Germany, France and Spain. He guided the Sales team in Aklamio, entering 6 new countries and turning the company to a global leader. Specialised in Sales Development and Operations, he is experienced in market research and enterprise sales and Referral marketing. His understanding of business scenarios and their typical blockers has allowed him help many B2B startups build their successful sales organisation. He obtained two Master's degrees in Engineering from UPC and Ecole Centrale Lyon.
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Operational consulting. We do NOT deliver a vague report. We deliver actionable system: Go-to-Market list, Playbook, Templates. We first understand your market and business. Then we apply our expertise to set your company to a growth path and make sure you can take over by yourself and scale successfully.

SaaS leaders

Our team is comprised by successful SaaS founders and leaders with experience in creating, from scratch, scalable and valuable businesses. Working with industry professionals from strong B2B, Sales and SaaS backgrounds.


We base our method in experience and years of data. We scale companies with an analytical mindset. Listen to the market. Find what works. React fast. Take educated data-driven decisions.

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