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How B2B SaaS companies achieve a systematic and efficient growth
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What do we do?

We prepare you and your team to generate sales opportunities that sustain your expected growth.
You get the best practices. What works
Hands on. Operational coaching. Don't expect a power point, but a Playbook.
Adapted to your team. So you become autonomous and not dependant on us

Sales Development

The process from a list of leads to sales meeting with the right person and the right company.
Going after the companies you want in an effective and scalable way. Complimentary to other acquisition channels.
Specially useful (and necessay) for B2B tech companies.

Synonyms: Business development. Opportunity generation. Outbound sales. Prospecting.

Why us? We are successful founders and sales leaders

We did it before, with our own companies and +60 others.
Professional market leaders in B2B tech companies.
Best practices proved again and again.

About us

What our customers say about us:

Chemondis company logo grey
Alexander Kronenberg
Head of Sales @ Chemondis
Our main need was to optimize the sales process and pitches, with our sales team in an elementary growth-phase.
Despite working in 12 different languages we achieved fantastic results. The high competence, drive and a partnership-like collaboration from The SaaS Institute made the project a great success.

How do we work - Project pillars

Defined company strategy to conquest the main market and replicate for the next ones
Forecast of revenue and Sales ROI. How to get there: hiring, costs and time frame.
Consistent execution plan. Management and Sales team are aligned towards same goal.
Everyhting necessary written down. Onboarding the team clearer and faster
Hyper-defined process: types of customers, research tools, qualification criteria, number of calls, email templates, objection handling... The ultimate guide for Sales Development.
Coordinated with CRM and tech. Centralised knowledge + Sales enablement + Reporting
From theory to action. The basics for the sales development team to overperform
Onboard & ramp-up new members quickly and professionally. Scaling ready.
React to the market. What do prospects say. How to adapt to it quickly. What doesn't work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Typical questions from founders on early and growth stages
Why Sales Development ?
Sales Development (or Prospecting, Outbound) is contacting directly your ideal customers to raise their interest and to generate sales meetings.
B2B companies tool to reach the potential customers that don't know their solution. To convince them to buy at best. Or to get their feedback on why not at worst. It provides a stable flow of opportunities. More about Sales Development
Right deal size € (ACV: Annual Contract Value) for prospecting ?
From 1.000 €/year ACV: it starts to make sense a dedicated prospecting team.
From 5.000 €/year ACV: it becomes necessary to personalise prospecting.
Prospecting is kept profitable by adapting team workloaad to deal size and volume.
Marketing (inbound) or Prospecting (outbound) ?
Marketing: passive reach. Inbound leads. Necessary for ACV < 1k€
Prospecting: active reach. Outbound leads. Necessary for ACV > 5k€
Usually for young B2B companies without an established customer base, Prospecting is the most direct way to penetrate the market and get feedback to adapt quickly.
Both channels are complimentary and should align content and targeting.
What is the ideal team? Marketing, SDR, AE ?
It depends on the deal size, market maturity and stage:
  • For young companies B2B, where the founders are selling themselves. An SDR is the good choice for first hire. Then AE, and then Marketing.
  • For scaling companies with an established Sales team. A tandem SDR+AE works well. With an equivalent Marketing team providing enough inbound leads.

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