We help you to find and train SDRs in the shortest time possible

Why do we offer the recruiting service?

The SaaS Institute is committed to help companies grow by finding the best and the appropriate talent

SDRs role is vital to a SaaS business when we want exponential sales growth. Furthermore, they are the first touching point with your market. When implementing an Outbound strategy is crucial to:

  • Recruit the appropriate SDR profile
  • Recruit the SDR in the shortest time possible
  • Reduce ramp-up period as much as possible thanks to well structured and prepared on-boarding in order to make the SDR start hitting their targets as soon as possible

What do we offer?


We offer recruiting services for the profile that your company needs, taking into account:

  • Corporate culture
  • Industry
  • The software offered and the company's market

On Boarding

We also offer the on-boarding process to accelerate the ramp-up, including the main areas such as:

  • Salesforce, Dialaer, mail plugins…
  • How to source for new clients
  • How to do the best approach through emails and calls

How do we do it?

Through a combination of people and processes used over many years across diverse Outbound departments in several SaaS start ups.


We can help you find and train the SDRs you need, quickly.


We can help you ensure that the staff you are hire are a fit for your sector and company culture.


TSI will provide you will all the strategy and tactical support you need to make plans come to fruition


If after 3 months you are not satisfied, we will find you new candidates.


You will be assigned a TSI executive, who will become an expert in your company's needs.

Our specialisation in the industry allows us to access a large, international talent pool. We can identify the profiles, training courses and candidates with the best fit for your business in a short period of time.

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