Customer Success

Building processes that make low churn rates and create revenue opportunies through upselling

Signs your company need The SaaS Institute

  • When Customer Success doesn't have any indicators to know a customers "health" in real time.
  • When there are no automatic alerts that allow staff to proactively reduce churn
  • When Customer Success don't have any engagement or re-engagement protocols based on marketing tactics.
  • When there is no system to identify upselling opportunities based on client data and behaviour.
  • When there is no systematic evaluation of client data to spot niches in the market or new product opportunites.
  • When there is no success case incentive program to encourage clients to participate in the sales and marketing process

Thanks to TSI we are generating upselling opportunities that we weren’t able to detect during the past. The technology and the team structure haven been key elements.

Joan Bosch

Co-Founder & CEO at Innroute

Our Approach

Customer Success must provide systems of information that allow the business to know the health of each client at any given moment and their satisfaction level (NPS). These systems must be able to detect, in advance, those clients at risk of leaving.

Customer Success must be capable of spotting upselling opportunities based on a clear set of criteria and rules provided by a CRM. Information on the CRM should be more than merely company information but a detailed history of activity and engagement.

Customer Success should have info systems that assist support operations, such as a ticketing system that can feed into a knowledge base. Everything must be integrated into the CRM in such a way that activity metrics are easily extractable.

Customer Success must bring visible added value and should utilize marketing strategies to guarantee the satisfaction, engagement and overall health of each client.

Our main metrics

The only way to have the best performance is by tracking the right metrics

The KPIs we measure


The rate at which customers stop subscribing to a service

Health score

An aggregate condition indicator, based on engagement, satisfaction and use.


The Net Promoter Score indicates a client’s willingness to recommend a service.

Up-sell Revenue

Income generated from existing customers by selling complementary products

Our methodology

Analyzing the current program

The first step is to understand the product, pricing model, the onboarding processes, support operations, engagement and the early churn detection. Also, we analyze the client database and study the situation of each, in relation to satisfaction, engagement, churn risk and upselling opportunities.

Finally, we will analyze what should be the optimal ratio of customer success managers to accounts, and we will work together with staff to understand the organizational scenarios necessary to cover all the areas of Customer Success activity.

Defining the new program and its processes

Based on a deep understanding of the product, pricing and clients, we will work on the different areas of responsibility of the department, following the SaaS Institute’s reference model. Amongst other things, we will work on the following lines of activity:

  • Customer fit level
  • Client success definition.
  • Support/ticketing processes and SLAs to fulfill.
  • Health score and engagement measurement
  • Unsubscription/exit risk signals and definition of the alerts and countermeasures required
  • Customer Satisfaction, NPS analysis, and educational/engagement customer marketing programs.
  • Onboarding processes
  • Renewal processes
  • Upsell signals and sales objectives
  • Referal programs and case studies

Defining the team

We will define the different subteams required within the department, and we will work on the ratios of Customer Success Manager per account. This metric is critical as it directly affects the scalability of the business.

Also, we will establish the size of the teams needed in order to provide the department with the necessary resources.

Implementing the technology

Technology is vital to support the operation of Customer Success. In this phase, we will implement the customer success modules into Salesforce (or in the CS Software of the company).

Every action and all client information can be captured and used to generate smart alerts that will assist customer success managers to avoid client exits. In addition, this will allow for the provision of metrics in real time and to study client segments instantly.

Finally, we will include automation tool needed to achieve maximum efficiency and decrease the number of CSM per account without affecting the quality of service or metrics of the department.

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